Dun Horse Definition And Fun Facts!

Horses come in a huge range of different colors, with many markings and distinctive features. You might hear someone talking about a dun horse, but what does a dun horse look like? 


What Is The True Dun Horse Definition?

The word dun is used to describe a very distinctive color and set of markings on a horse.

What Does A Dun Horse Color Look Like?

Dun horses have a very distinctive set of markings that are often described as primitive. The first of these is called a dorsal stripe. 

What Breeds Of Horse Are A Dun Color?

If you have fallen in love with dun horses, you might want to find one for yourself! Luckily, the dun gene is relatively dominant ...

What Does Dun Mean In Horses?

In the equine world, there are many different terms used to describe the color of horses.

Are Duns Good Horses?

Many people love the color of dun horses, as they do look very beautiful. But does this mean that they are good horses? 

Do Dun Horses Change Color?

A true dun horse will not change color as it ages. However, a grey horse can be born any color and will turn gray as it gets older.

So, as we have learned, the definition of a dun horse is one that has a sandy or pale steel-colored body and distinctive black markings. These include a dorsal stripe, which is a black stripe running from the top of the tail along the spine.


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