Easy Way To Check Your Horse Respiration- 

Normal & Abnormal Respiration

Every horse owner should be familiar with a horse’s vital signs. So, what is respiration on a horse? 


What Is Respiration On A Horse?

Respiration is the number of breaths a horse takes per minute.

Normal Respiration For A Horse

Normal respiration for a horse is between 8 to 16 breaths per minute when a horse is standing.

Abnormal Respiration For A Horse

If a horse’s resting still and its respiration rate is under eight or over 25 breaths per minute, this is considered abnormal.

What Abnormal Respiration Could Mean – What Is Respiration On A Horse?

Be sure to give horses time to fully cool off after exercising to ensure that their elevated respiration has had time to go back to normal.

It is important to know how to check your horse’s respiration and know what is normal. High respiration in horse can be a sign that something is wrong.


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