Equine Health: Skin Condition Making Horses Turn Red

Skin problems in horses are very common, and many of us will notice spots or a rash on our horses at one time or another.


What Causes Skin Problems In Horses?

Horses can get many different skin problems, and finding the actual cause can sometimes be very difficult! So if your horses have a skin condition that is ...

How Are Skin Problems In Horses Diagnosed?

Getting a diagnosis for a condition that may turn horses’ skin red can be tricky. Redness of the skin is normally a sign of inflammation, and this ...

What Skin Conditions Make Horses Turn Red?

The redness of the horses’ skin is due to inflammation. Inflammation occurs when cells become damaged or irritated, and an inflammatory response occurs.

Conditions Which Make Horses Nose Turn Red

It is not uncommon for horses to get redness of the skin on their nose, but what might cause this? If your horse has pink skin on his nose, then he might ...

So, as we have learned, there are many reasons why a horse’s skin might appear red. If your horse appears sore or uncomfortable, it is vital to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.


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