Everything About Joint Injections For Horses- A Professional Advice

Joint injections are commonly used to relieve pain and improve movement in horses. So, just how much are joint injections for horses? 


What Are Joint Injections For Horses?

Joint injections for horses are generally used for horses with osteoarthritis, navicular ailments or other lameness conditions.

Where Are Joint Injections Administered?

The hock is comprised of several hock joint spaces that for injection purposes are referred to as the lower, middle and upper hock joints.

Types Of Joint Injections

There are three FDA-approved joint injections: intra-articular (IA), intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM). 


Intra-articular is a solution that is injected directly into the joint of a horse. 

Intravenous – How Much Are Joint Injections For Horses?

Intravenous or IV injections are generally administered on the most accessible vein in the horse, which is the large jugular vein found on both sides of the neck.


There is one form of FDA-approved intramuscular joint in horses, Adequan.

How Much Are Joint Injections For Horses?

On average, intra-articular injections generally cost between $250-300 per joint. 

If you are getting intra-articular joint injections for your horse, you can expect to pay around $250-$300 per joint. For Legend it is generally between $80-$130 a dose and Adequan is generally $40-$100 per dose.


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