Eye Ulcer In Horses - What To Do If It Doesn't Heal

Eye ulcers can be painful and uncomfortable for your horse and lead to serious problems. Knowing what to do when an eye ulcer in the horse will not heal is important, as your horse could potentially need surgery. 


What Is An Eye Ulcer?

An eye ulcer, also known as a corneal ulcer, is an abrasion on the surface of the eye.

What Can Cause Eye Ulcers?

Scratches, abrasions, foreign objects,  ingrown eyelashes, fungi, and bacteria can all cause an eye ulcer to develop in horses.

Signs Of Eye Ulcers And What To Do

Horses with eye ulcers will generally show signs such as a watery eye with discharge, a partially or completely closed eye, redness, swelling, a constricted pupil, and a crater on the surface of the eye. 

What To Do When The Eye Ulcer In The Horse Will Not Heal

In some cases, just a fly mask for protection, reducing light exposure and antibiotics are enough to treat an ulcer. 

Eye ulcers are a common occurrence in horses. Though most can be treated with antibiotics, some require more advanced treatment.


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