Famous Derby Horse Names and Meanings

Ever wonder how racehorses get their names? You’re not alone! Derby horse names have some of the most unique and sometimes puzzling names in the horse industry.


Derby Horse Names: Secretariat

Many people know the name Secretariat.  Secretariat was one of the few horses to win the elite Triple Crown title, and his bloodlines are in a high percentage of American ...

Derby Horse Names: Smarty Jones

In the early 2000s, a liver chestnut stallion stole the hearts of the derby community.  “Smarty Jones” was known for being clever, stubborn, and fast ...


Two years after Smarty Jones won the derby, a horse named Barbaro took the title.  After his Derby win, Barbaro sustained a leg injury that would tragically end up in his euthanasia a few months later.

Derby Horse Names: American Pharoah

Everyone knows this famous name! American Pharoah won not only the Kentucky Derby but the entire Triple Crown in 2015.  The beautiful bay stallion captured the hearts of ...

Racehorses seem to get their names from all over the place! I hope this article helped you learn where some of the most famous racehorses got their names, and what they mean! If so, please share this article, and share with us your horse-naming stories!


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