Feeding Hay Cubes vs. Hay Flakes

Hay can be messy, itchy, and expensive. What if there was another way for your horses to receive the same nutrients they would get in hay flakes, without all the hassle? Lets talk about hay cubes.


Hay Cubes, Compare and Contrast

All horse owners could tell you what it is like to deal with a bale of hay.  Bales of hay are heavy, messy, and itchy. You end up dropping a third of the flake on the ground before it makes it into...

Hay Cubes, Standard Feeding Quantities

Whether you feed hay flakes or cubes, it is important that your horse is being provided with a healthy, correct quantity of feed. Horses on cubes tend to overeat more than horses on hay flakes.

Hay Flakes

How many flakes of hay to feed a horse? A horse typically gets anywhere from two to four flakes of hay with each meal.  That’s anywhere from four to eight flakes a day.

Hay Cubes

Because they are made of dehydrated hay, the amount to which the nutrients are compressed can depend on the quality of the dehydration technique used, as well as other factors.

Conversion Factors

It’s hard to say whether there is an exact conversion factor in cubes to hay flakes.  The standard to go by is always weight. Determine how many pounds of forage your horse needs to eat a day, and ...

I hope this article has helped shed some light on the benefits of feeding hay and what the correct quantities of both flakes and cubes are!  If so, please share this article, and share with us your experiences feeding with both hay cubes and hay flakes!


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