Flaxseed Supplements for Horses

Flaxseed supplements are a common additive to a horse’s daily grain or oat meals.  They provide a healthy boost to any type of horse, from backyard trail horses to top-level sporthorses.


Choosing Flaxseed For Horses

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Manna Pro Simply Flax 8Lb

It is a great flaxseed supplement option for your horse.  It is a powdered supplement (i.e.- ground flaxseed) that is easy to mix in with a horse’s meals and causes little mess or cleanup time.

UltraCruz Flax Oil Blend Supplement

It is also a great flaxseed supplement option.  It isn’t 100% raw flax; instead, it contains cold-pressed flaxseed oil and soybean oil, and it is a liquid supplement.

Wholistic Pet Organics Flax Seed Oil Supplement

It is the perfect option for horse-owners who want to supplement multiple types of animals with flaxseed!  This product is best suited for use on horses and dogs.

There are many, many options when picking the best flaxseed supplement for your horse! Many horses use flaxseed supplements, so it only makes sense that many companies produce them.  Depending on your horse’s situation and your budget, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match!


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