Good Vs. Bad Horse Conformation

Good vs. bad conformation isn’t as simple as black vs. white.  Conformation is subjective and often depends on the eye and experience of the trainer or buyer. 


What is Horse Conformation?

It is a fancy term to describe the way a horse is built anatomically.  It is the way a horse’s bones are shaped, bent, and structured. 

Conformation by Discipline

The quality of a horse’s conformation depends on what you expect the horse to do.  Broadly speaking, certain horse types are built for specific jobs ...

Conformation by Horse

As famous showjumper John Madden says in his interview with the Practical Horseman magazine, conformation is best judged by looking at each horse individually.  Yes, there are some ...

Common Horse Conformation Issues

Knock Knees Club Foot Pigeon-Toest Splay-Foot Straight Hind Limb

Horse conformation is judged very subjectively depending on the horse’s breed, the horse’s intended occupation, and the eye of the trainer or buyer.  Some objective conformation flaws exist, but, for the most part, can be corrected through special care.


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