Grulla Dun Horse: All About This Fascinating Color

Some of the most common colors of horses you will see are bay, black, chestnut, gray, and palomino. A grulla dun horse is not something you see everyday, as this color is relatively rare.


What is a Grulla Dun Horse?

Grulla dun is a type of coloring that is the dun dilution of the color black. It is also referred to as grullo, gray dun, mouse dun, or blue dun.

Primitive Markings

One of the signature features of the grulla horse is primitive markings, which are seen in dun horses.

What is the Grulla Coloring a Result Of?

To get a grulla horse, you can breed a black horse with a dun mare. Though it is not a guarantee the foal will be a grulla, there is a chance it will be.

Examples of Horse Breeds That Can Be Grulla

Grulla is a rare color and it is not found in every breed. However, there are nearly 30 breeds that can produce the grulla color.

The most common breed you will find the grulla color in is the Quarter horse. However, the color is still rare within the breed as less than 1% of registered Quarter horses being grulla.

Quarter Horse

Grulla is a beautiful coat color found in only a handful of horse breeds. This rare color comes from the black base coat with the dun gene.


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