Help, My Horse Bullies Other Horses! Dominant Horse Behavior Advice And Tips

If you’ve got a dominant horse, it can be difficult trying to figure out why my horse bullies other horses. Horses have a complicated herd behavior system, and if something is not right then they will start to bully each other.


Why Is It That My Horse Bullies Other Horses?

Horses are herd animals, that normally live in a hierarchical relationship system.

If My Horse Bullies Other Horses Can It Hurt Them?

If a horse gets the chance to corner or trap another horse, it may do some serious physical damage.

Problem Solving Tips

If you’ve got a bully in the herd, here are some ways to prevent or reduce this unwanted behavior:

* Ensure that the herd has plenty of space, as overcrowding is a key cause of bullying.

* Make sure the horses have plenty of mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom and frustration.

* Always add one or two more piles of food or hay than the number of horses in the field.

* Make sure there are two or more drinking points in the field.

So, as we have learned, a dominant horse may start to bully other horses if it feels threatened, or if resources such as food or water are in short supply.


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