Home Remedies For Thrush In Horses Hooves

Thrush in the hooves is a common problem that many horses can suffer from. If you own or care for a horse or pony, it is essential that you understand how to recognize and manage this painful condition.


What Is Thrush In Horses Feet?

Thrush is a bacterial infection of the horse’s hoof. It mostly affects the soft tissue of the frog and the heel bulbs. Thrush may affect just one hoof at a time, or more than one.

What Causes Thrush In A Horse Hoof?

 Wet, soiled bedding in a stable or barn  Muddy grazing conditions  Heavy rainfall causes persistently wet pasture  Poor hoof care routine  Inadequate hoof trimming, leading to deep frog clefts

Treatment Methods For Thrush In Horses Hooves

The first step in treating thrush is to keep the hooves as clean and dry as possible. If your horse lives in a stable or barn, you will need to remove soiled and wet bedding at regular intervals. 

Best Home Remedies For Thrush In Horses Hooves

• White Vinegar • Hydrogen Peroxide Apple Cider Vinegar  Raw Honey

So, as we have learned, thrush in horses’ hooves is caused by a bacterial infection that thrives in moist conditions. If your horse has thrush in his hooves, you will need to remove the initial cause, such as wet, dirty bedding, or a muddy field.


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