Homemade Eye Wash For Horses

If your horse needs his eyes flushing regularly, then store-bought eye wash can seem quite expensive. But is homemade eye wash for horses a good idea, and how do you make it? Let’s find out!


What Is Eye Wash?

Eye wash is a liquid used to rinse the eyeball of a horse. The eyeball is a very sensitive part of the horse and can be easily damaged by chemicals and toxins. 

Why Do Horses Need Their Eyes Flushing?

Most commonly, dirt is removed by the horse through a combination of tear production and blinking, but sometimes we need to give them a helping hand.

Is Homemade Eye Wash A Good Idea?

This is only really worth doing if you regularly need large quantities of eye wash, as it does not last as long as a commercial eye wash. 

Horses’ eyes do not need routine flushing unless your horse is kept in a very dusty environment. You should only wash your horses’ eyes if instructed to by your veterinarian, and only use recommended flushing liquids.


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