Homemade Listerine Fly Spray For Horses

With the warm weather comes those pesky gnats, flies, and irritating bugs, making it time to find a solution, such as homemade Listerine fly spray for horses...


One of the main reasons people choose to use a homemade fly spray on their horses is to reduce the number of harsh chemicals coming into contact with the skin...

Will Homemade Fly Spray For Horses Listerine Actually Work

Precautions To Take When Making Homemade Horse Fly Spray With Listerine

Always take precautions when mixing a homemade fly repellent for horses. Many recipes call for essential oils...

Listerine is an inexpensive and usually safe product to use as a fly spray. It is often something you have in the house, and if not, a quick run to the store is all it takes to get it...

Homemade Listerine Fly Spray For Horses

Listerine Fly Spray Recipe For Horses

Baby Oil And Listerine Listerine And Vinegar 3 Ingredient Recipe 5 Ingredient Recipe 

Baby Oil And Listerine

This is a simple recipe to use on the top of a horse’s tail. Small insects can burrow under the hair, causing irritation. The irritation will lead to itching...

Listerine And Vinegar

Another simple homemade fly spray for horses is mixing amber Listerine and apple cider vinegar. This is a super quick and easy remedy. Just mix equal amounts of each ingredient in a spray bottle and apply it to your horse.

Listerine on its own is probably not the most effective equine fly spray option. However, it is handy for some last-minute short protection. When mixed with other insect repelling ingredients, the protection is better...


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