Horse Aggression Towards Humans Explained

Horse behavior is very complex and can be difficult to understand. However, we need to study why they behave in the way that they do, so we can help them to modify their responses and learn how to live peacefully with humans. But why might a horse show aggression towards humans?


Causes Of Horse Aggression Towards Humans

One of the most important things to remember is that horses are not naturally aggressive towards humans. 

Causes Of Sudden Aggression In Horses

It is very unusual to come across a horse that has an aggressive nature. However, you may meet horses that show sudden aggressive tendencies.

Signs Of Aggression In Horses

Horses communicate in a range of different ways, and we need to learn to understand these signals to figure out what they are saying to us.


A horse with its ears flat back is feeling threatened or uncomfortable. 


If a horse is tense or frightened, the facial muscles are tightened and the eyes will seem wider.


When a horse is worried or frightened, he will tighten his lips. This makes the mouth appear smaller. 


When threatened, a horse will swish its tail aggressively. This is the most obvious sign that a horse is unhappy about a situation or potential threat – do not ignore a horse that is swishing his tail!

Body Language

Most commonly, a horse will turn its hindquarters towards you if he does not wish to be approached.

How To Handle Aggressive Horse Behavior

When it comes to aggressive behavior, the most important thing is to watch for the warning signals.

So, as we have learned, horse aggression towards humans is highly unusual behavior and normally happens because the horse feels threatened. It is vital that we learn to understand and respond to the signals that horses are giving us so that we can ensure they feel comfortable and relaxed.


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