Horse Anatomy: How Many Ribs Does a Horse Have?

Do you know how many ribs does a horse have? How much do you know about your horse’s anatomy? Unless you’re a vet or a veterinary student or an equine artist or student of equine art, the answer is probably not much!


How Many Ribs Does a Horse Have?

The simple answer to this question is that horses have eighteen pairs of ribs; eighteen on each side of their body for thirty-six total.  But, this can vary! It is not uncommon for ...

Horse Rib Shape and Structure

A horse’s ribs can be broken up into two major anatomical sections.  First, are the “true ribs;” these ribs are the first eight pairs of ribs in a horse’s ribcage.

Rib Structure Importance in Equine Wellness

Ribs can play a significant role in determining and structuring a horse’s wellbeing.  In the 1970s, Dr. Don Henneke out of Texas A&M University developed a body scoring system that gauged a horse’s wellness ...

Structure is Importance for Horse Health

The saddle’s width, in English riding, referred to as “tree” width, has to do with the width of the horse’s ribcage.  Get a saddle that’s too narrow, and you risk pinching the horse’s ...

Horse Ribs Compared to Other Animals

The primary difference between a horse’s rib cage compared to rib cages of other animals is count!  Humans only have twelve ribs, while other animals such as cows, sheep, cats, goats, and dogs have ...

Horses have a very unique rib cage, consisting of thirty-six to thirty-eight ribs, eighteen to nineteen pairs! A horse’s ribs play a large role in overall wellness and saddle fit, as well as providing owners and vets with a good tool to analyze and compare a horse over periods of time.


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