Horse Breeding Terminology: Dam and Sire Meaning

The horse world does have a lot of unusual terminology, especially when it comes to breeding! Confused about dam and sire meaning?


What is a Pedigree?

To understand more about horse breeding terminology, we need to know what a pedigree is. The easiest way to think of a pedigree is as a family tree – it traces a horse’s ...

What Is Sire and Dam?

Sire and dam are the two most common terms used when discussing a horse’s pedigree. Horse breeders, trainers, and owners have a keen interest in a horse’s pedigree, as this ...

The Importance of Sire and Dam Meaning

The selection and pairing of the sire with the dam is an art form in itself, with horse breeders spending hours researching the pedigree of the potential sire ...

Other Dam and Sire Definitions

So if breeders are interested in several generations of pedigree, what other names are used to describe a horse’s ancestors? Now we understand dam and sire meaning, ...

Who Is Most Important – The Sire Or The Dam?

When it comes to breeding, most of the attention goes to the sire, but choosing the right dam is also very important! In terms of ...

So, as we’ve learned, the dam and sire meaning is the father and mother of a horse. In competitive sports such as horse racing, breeders keep detailed records about sires and dams to improve their breeding stock.


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