Horse Ear Covers – What Are They And Why Are They Used?

It is not uncommon to see a horse wearing an ear bonnet either in the field or out riding. But what are horse ear covers and why are they used? Let’s find out!


Why Do Horses Wear Ear Covers?

The ears of a horse are a complex and sensitive organ. They are highly mobile and their funnel shape helps the horse to pick up every sound, giving them an incredibly ...

What Are The Best Horse Ear Covers For Riding?

Ear covers worn while the horse is being ridden are normally bonnet-style, that cover the horses ears. The front edge of the bonnet sits under the ...

What Are The Best Horse Ear Covers For Turnout?

Another reason that some horse owners choose to put covers on their horse’s ears is to protect them from dust and flies. The ear of a horse is lined ...

So, as we have learned, horse ear covers are used to muffle the sound that the horse hears, reducing any potential distractions when he is being ridden.


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