Horse Growth Stages

Horses are one of the most incredible animals in the world. Throughout their life, they will experience different horse growth stages. During these different stages, they will reach various milestones. 


Horse Growth Stages

There are five main life stages of a horse: suckling, weanling, yearling, colt or filly, and mare, stallion, or gelding.

Suckling – Horse Growth Stages

When a horse is a suckling, they are still nursing from their mother. They depend on their mother to provide them milk for sustenance. 


A weanling is a horse that is still a foal but is no longer nursing from its mother. Most foals are weaned from their mother between four to six months old.

Yearling – Horse Growth Stages

Once a horse reaches a year old, they become a yearling. Yearlings continue to need guidance as they interact with other horses and people.

Colt Or Filly

A male horse under four years old is a colt and a female horse under four years old is a filly. In some cases, people may refer to colts and fillies as horses under five years old.

Mare, Stallion, Or Gelding

Male horses that are intact older than the age of four are known as stallions and female horses over the age of four are known as mares. When a stallion is castrated, they become a gelding.

By the age of four to six months, a horse will be weaned from its mother. By five to seven years old a horse will be fully mature and by 20 years old, they are generally considered a senior.


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