Horse Hot Walker Explained

You might hear horse riders and trainers talking about hot walkers for horses. But what exactly is a hot horse walker, and why are they used?


What Is A Horse Hot Walker?

Now, this is a bit confusing, but the term horse hot walker can actually refer to two different things!

Human Hot Walkers

A human hot walker is normally one of the lowest-paid members of staff in the stable yard team.

Mechanical Hot Walker

Mechanical hot walkers are a very expensive piece of machinery to install, costing thousands of dollars.

What Are Hot Walkers Used For?

Hot walkers are used for cooling horses down after a period of intense exercise. This is particularly important if the horse is hot and sweaty. 

How Are Horse Walkers Used?

Mechanical hot walkers are used after a horse is exercised to cool them down. 

Do I Need A Horse Hot Walker?

It all depends on what you use your horse for, how much free time you have, and what other facilities you have available.

So, as we have learned, a horse hot walker is used to cool a horse down after a period of vigorous exercise. A hot walker can either be a human being employed to walk the horse, or a mechanical horse walking device. 


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