Horse Jumping Accidents

Jumping is one of the most popular disciplines in the equestrian world. However, horse jumping accidents can be very dangerous for both the horse and rider.


Common Causes Of Horse Jumping Accidents

– Inexperienced Rider – Horse Jumping Accidents – Green Horse – Damaged Tack – Horse Jumping Accidents – Unsafe Conditions – Asking Too Much From Your Horse

How To Stay Safe While Jumping

– Always Wear A Helmet – Invest In A Body Protector – Take Lessons With A Qualified Riding Instructor – Know You And Your Horse’s Limits – Clean Your Tack Regularly And Replace Damaged Pieces – Protect Your Horse – Horse Jumping Accidents

Jumping naturally comes with risks, however, with the right precautions it can be done in a safer manner. It is important to always take precautions to prevent horse jumping accidents.


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