Horse Show Jumping Attire – Rules And Etiquette Explained!

If you’re new to the world of equine competitions, it can be very confusing working out what show jumping attire to wear!


What Is The Dress Code For Show Jumping Attire?

The type of clothing you should wear for show jumping will depend very much on the type of competition you are entering. The rules for ...

What Safety Equipment Should You Wear For Show Jumping?

All horse competitions will have a mandatory rule that the rider must wear an approved standard of riding helmet when entering a competition.

What Tack Can Horses Wear For Show Jumping?

The rules around what tack horses can wear for showjumping are designed to ensure that the competition is fair, and also that the horse is not being mistreated.


The most common types of nosebands are permitted for show jumping. These must be made from flat leather, although sheepskin padding is permitted at the intersection of a cross noseband.

So, as we have learned, choosing the right show jumping attire is essential to comply with the rules of the competition, especially when competing at a higher level.


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