Horse Sounds and Meanings

Ever wonder what your horse sounds could say to you if he could talk? It might not be as far-fetched as you think! Horses speak to each other, and to us, using different types of sounds.  


Horse Sounds: What Sound Does it Make?


Horse sighs are extremely similar to human sighs.  Horses sigh when they go from a state of slight discomfort or tension into a more relaxed state.  This can occur during many different activities.

Groaning is a bit more complicated to interpret than sighing.  A horse groaning sounds similar to a human groaning; it’s a nose that comes out when a big amount of effort is exerted on a task, and normally means some kind of relative discomfort. Similar to people, the amount of times a horse groans depends on the horse...

Horse Sounds: Groaning

Horse Sounds: Neighing

Though a “horse neigh” is what everyone thinks of when they think of horse sounds, it is a pretty uncommon sound for a horse to make...


Squealing is something that is typically done by mares, female horses. Squealing is a type of warning, indicating that the horse is unhappy.  Mares typically squeal when they feel that their space has been invaded by another horse.

Roar (i.e.- Scream)

A roar is a deep guttural sound that can mean one of two things.  When a horse roars loudly, it is also called a scream; this is a sound a horse makes when it is in severe distress or anguish.  It typically indicates extreme pain or extreme stress. It only happens in the worst of circumstances.

Your horse speaks, it’s just up to you to be able to translate what it means!  Horses don’t use specific words as people do, but we can tell how they are feeling and what they are thinking through the sounds that they communicate with.


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