Horse Stumbling Hind End: What Does It Mean When Your Horse Stumbles?

The occasional horse stumbling hind end isn’t generally something to worry about. However, if your horse begins stumbling regularly, this could potentially be a serious issue. 


Horse Stumbling Hind End: Causes Of Stumbling

If your horse stumbles on their hind end every once in a while, it is generally something to worry about. 

Hoof Problems

One of the most common causes of stumbling in horses is hoof problems. Long toes is the most common problem for this issue, but there are also other hoof problems that can cause stumbling.

Downhill Build

Sometimes, horses may be prone to stumbling due to their conformation.


If a horse is unbalanced when performing different gaits, it can result in stumbling as the horse comes strung out.


If a horse is unfit or is being pushed past his fitness level, he may struggle. 

The Rider – Horse Stumbling Hind End

If a rider is too heavy for the horse and unbalanced, it can cause discomfort and make the horse unbalanced.

Uneven Or Slippery Footing

A common and simple reason why a horse slip is uneven or slippery footing.

Saddle Fit

An ill-fitting saddle can cause all sorts of problems for a horse. 

Pain – Horse Stumbling Hind End

If your horse is in pain, it can result in stumbling.

Neurological Issues

One of the most serious causes of hind stumbling in horses is neurological issues.

Occasional stumbling in horses is normal, but when it becomes more common it should be looked into as it can be something more serious.


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