Horse Temperament Scale Explained

Each individual horse is very different in personality, with its own character and quirks. This gives each horse a unique temperament, but we can classify them by using a horse temperament scale.


What Is A Horse Temperament Scale?

In recent years, much scientific research has gone into establishing a consistent and reliable horse temperament measurement. A horse temperament scale is an ...

Horse Temperament Scale Explained

The horse temperament assessment is based on the calmness or excitability of a horse or pony. These can be split into two broad groups:

These horses are often described as dependable and placid. They will not ...

Calm, Bombproof Personality Traits – Score Of Under 5

Horse Breed Temperament- Where Do Popular Breeds Fit On The Horse Temperament Scale?

Although all horses are different, certain breeds are renowned for their specific temperaments. Let’s take a ...

Thoroughbred Horse Temperament

Thoroughbred horses are the kings and queens of the horse racing world! They are fast, athletic, and intelligent animals, normally suited to more experienced riders.

Which Is The Best Temperament For A Horse?

The best temperament for a horse depends on what it is to be used for, and the personal preference of the owner or rider.

So, as we have learned, the horse temperament scale is an assessment of how calm or excitable a horse is. This scale ranges from 1, a bombproof cob or draught horse, up to 10 – normally a fizzy hot-blooded breed such as an Arabian or Thoroughbred!


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