Horse Vaccination Schedule

There are a variety of vaccinations on the market for use in horses. But is there a recommended horse vaccination schedule? In reality, there is no “one size fits all” vaccination program for horses or even an industry standard...


Types of Equine Vaccinations 1. Western and Eastern equine encephalomyelitis (referred to as WEE and EEE) 2. West Nile (WNV) 3. Tetanus 4. Rabies

Some of the risk-based vaccines include: 1. Rotaviral diarrhea 2. Rattlesnake bite 3. Strangles 4. Leptospirosis 5. Botulism

AAEP Recommended Horse Vaccination Schedule

1. Foals Vaccination Schedule 2. Adult Horses Vaccination Schedule

Foals Vaccination Schedule

1. Tetanus (3 dose series) 2. EEE/WEE (3 dose series) 3. WNV (3 dose series) 4. Rabies (2 dose series) 5. Risk-based vaccines discussed with a veterinarian.

Adult Horses Vaccination Schedule

1. Tetanus (annual) 2. EEE/WEE (annual) 3. WNV (annual) 4. Rabies (annual)

5. Equine herpesvirus (annual if included in core) 6. Influenza (semi-annual or annual if included in core) 7. Risk-based equine vaccines discussed with a veterinarian

Horse vaccination schedule guidelines are subject to change as new information comes out. However, some horses have unique situations and may not fall under this standardized schedule...


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