Horse Years vs Human Years

With a life span of around 30 years, it’s no secret horses have drastically different life spans than humans. But how do you compare horse years vs human years?


Horse Years vs Human Years- Aging Rates

The first two years of a horse’s life are equal to 6.5 human years. This means a yearling would be considered 6.5, whereas a 2-year-old would be considered 13 in human years.

Age Equivalencies

Horse Age      Human Age         1                      6.5        2                      13        3                      18        4                      20.5        5                      23        6                      25.5        7                      28

How Do Horses Age

Foals and Yearlings: equivalents to a newborn through age 6.5 human. Two-Year-Olds: equivalent to 13 in human years.  Three-Year-Olds: horse typically starts getting “adult”.

How Do Horses Age

Five-Year-Olds: Age 5, equivalent to 24-25 in human years. 13-15 Years: considered “middle-aged” for horses.

Seniors: considered seniors at age 20 Elderly/Very Old Age: Age 30+ is considered extremely old for a horse. The human equivalent is 85.5 years! 

How Do Horses Age

There are some factors that affect aging. For example, health and nutrition play important roles in a horse’s development and the aging process. 

Aging Factors

Based on these chart approximations, how old are your horses? Although just estimates, it’s fun to think about the phases in our horses’ lives and compare them to our own. Save this article for future reference!


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