Ultimate List of Horseback Riding Gear For Beginners

They say the cheapest part of buying a horse is the horse- and they’re right! Even if you have a generous budget for your new gear, it’s important to find quality equipment for the best price. Here are our top picks for horse riding gear for beginners: 


1. Halter and Leads  – For the Horse

This should be your first purchase. Most horses will be sold with a halter and lead, and some states even make this a legal requirement. 

2. Grooming Kit – For the Horse

Although you will likely gather a grooming kit over several years featuring your favorite items, it’s ideal to find a starter kit to meet all your needs.

When getting started, many riders are unsure about saddle fit or have a horse with a body likely to change as it develops and changes in conditioning.

3. Saddle Pads – For the Horse

4. Bit – For the Horse

Bits are a very personal choice, and horses are frequently sold with a specific bit of recommendation. However, we found two reputable and quality brands at different price ...

Horse Riding Gear for Beginners- For the Rider

There is great variation among riding attire, especially when factoring in specific disciplines. Check out our top picks in each category for ...

1. Helmet 2. Cowboy Boots or Paddock Boots 3. Jean or Breeches 4. Gloves...

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There are many things to consider when buying a riding outfit, but you can find all you need with a little bit of research. The first thing to decide is what type of riding you want to do...

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What should a beginner horse rider wear?