Horseback Riding in Shorts? Good or Bad Idea

Generally, when people go horseback riding, they wear jeans or riding pants. Wearing jeans or riding pants provides the most comfort and protection when riding. However, some people opt to go horseback riding in shorts during the summertime.


Wearing Shorts Riding

Wearing shorts while riding isn't necessarily a bad thing, most people don't do it. Shorts do not provide the same protection and comfort for your legs as riding pants or jeans. Some riding barns, especially those that host trail rides, don't allow their riders to wear shorts.

Why to Avoid Wearing Shorts Riding

Wearing shorts while riding in a saddle can cause some serious discomfort. The leather from your saddle can pinch and rub against your bare skin, leading to blisters and sores.

When it is Alright to Wear Shorts Riding

If you are comfortable with the way shorts feel while riding then it is alright to ride in them, as long as the place you are riding at allows it. Some people with experience riding prefer to wear shorts while riding in the summer because they are cooler than jeans and riding pants.

Advantages of Wearing Long Pants Horseback Riding

Riding Pants - are designed to provide grip, protection, and comfort while you ride. They are designed to fit snuggly and are often made with stretchy materials, allowing you to move comfortably. 

Jeans - are also another popular choice of pants to wear riding, especially amongst western riders. They are easily accessible and versatile, as you can wear them riding or for everyday use.

Riding in What is Suitable for You

Though wearing long pants are recommended while horseback riding, there is nothing wrong with wearing shorts if you are comfortable with it. Just be sure to check with the place you are riding at if it is okay to wear shorts, though . . .

Though shorts aren’t the best thing you can wear while horseback riding, they certainly are not the worst. You want to avoid wearing very long and flowy clothes, that may somehow get tangled up in the saddle. You especially want to avoid wearing excessively long and flowy clothes if you are riding western, since it may get caught in the horn.


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