Horses And Fireworks – How To Solve This Difficult Problem

The firework season can be very distressing, with some serious problems and injuries caused by people setting off fireworks near horses.


Why Are Horses And Fireworks A Problem?

Horses are prey animals, which makes them constantly wary of potential threats and predators. Even when asleep, they will be alert  ...

How To Help Your Horse Cope With Fireworks

Often, keeping our horses away from fireworks is not a possibility, and we need to find a way to deal with this situation. Hopefully, you are lucky enough ...

Distraction Techniques

Good distraction techniques for horses include: * Play music on a radio outside the stable * Hang up toys and treats for the horse to play with * Hide small treats in the ...

If these techniques are not working for your horse, you may need to seek the advice of a veterinary professional or qualified horse behaviorist. They can work with you on training strategies for ...

So, as we have learned, horses and fireworks are two things that do not mix well! Horses are easily spooked by loud bangs and flashes, and the sound of fireworks can cause them to panic and become distressed.


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