Horses with Navicular- Can They Be Ridden?

A diagnosis of Navicular in horses s is never what a horse owner wants to hear from a vet.  It’s a condition that has caused negative connotations and fear for decades. More common in older horses, Navicular syndrome has been seen as a career-ending situation.


Navicular in Horses: What is Navicular?

Navicular is a condition that develops in a horse’s front feet.  It can develop in a horse’s hind feet, but those situations are extremely rare. 

Navicular in Horses: Can you “Cure” Navicular?

As stated above, Navicular cannot be cured.  However, it can be treated and maintained.

Helping a Horse with Navicular

But, if it is Navicular syndrome, there are ways to treat a horse and keep it comfortable.  Some of these include stall rest, shock wave therapy  and changes in farrier care.

Navicular in Horses: Riding a Horse with Navicular

Before you make the decision to ride (or not to ride) your Navicular horse, consult your vet. Always, always, always consult your vet. 

So, yes, it is possible to ride a horse with Navicular disease.  But, it is very important to stay in touch with your vet and to get your vet’s approval before deciding to ride your Navicular horse.  


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