Hot-Blooded Horse Breeds

Aren’t horses mammals? So shouldn’t they all be warm-blooded? The easy answer is yes, horses are mammals, and they all have warm blood. There really are hot blooded horses.


Hot Blooded Horses Breeds

Thoroughbred Arabian Akhal-Teke Barb


Everyone has heard of the Thoroughbred.  Most commonly known for track racing, the Thoroughbred has been a large contributor to the world of sport horses, especially in North America.


The Arabian is one of the oldest recorded horse breeds.  With its classic dished face and elegant step, it’s hard to miss an Arabian in a crowd.


Similar to the Arabian, the Akhal-Teke was bred in the middle-east for riding and endurance across long distances.  The Akhal-Teke quickly became known for its beauty and unique colors and was valued by royalty and wealthy horse owners.


The Barb horse shares characteristics with both the Arabian and the Akhal-Teke. Its job was to carry its owners and their possessions across long stretches of sandy, dry terrain.

Hot-blooded horses can be found in many different roles today.  Some still perform the roles they were originally bred to do, and some have found new careers in different disciplines. 


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