How Big Is A Horse’s Brain?

Have you ever wondered how big is a horse’s brain? Anyone who has stood next to a horse will appreciate how huge their heads are! But do they have a brain to equal this?


What Is A Brain?

It might sound like an obvious question, but if we’re talking about the size of the brain we need to know exactly what the brain is! The brain is basically the control center of the body.

How Big Is A Horse’s Brain?

The size of a horse’s skull is quite large, and it would be easy to assume that they have quite a big brain in there. However, the brain of a horse is quite small.

What Affects The Size Of Horse Brain?

There is not much data available to help us understand what affects the size of a horse’s brain. 

Does The Size Of Horse Brain Matter?

Whether the size of a brain makes a difference to the intelligence of a creature is not entirely clear.

Are Horses As Intelligent As Humans?

Horses have retained many instinctive behaviors which humans have lost. 

So, as we’ve learned, horse’s brains are relatively small in size compared to humans.  However, with brains size doesn’t always matter, and horses are generally considered to be quite intelligent. 


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