How Can You Tell If A Horse Has Lice- What To Look For

If you suspect that your horse has some unwanted creepy crawlies, you’ll need to know the best horse lice treatment products. 


What Are Lice? Horse Lice Treatment Products

Lice are tiny flightless insects that live on the skin of mammals and birds.

What Types Of Lice Do Horses Get?

Horse can be infested by two types of lice. The first of these is a blood-sucking louse called Haematopinus asini.

How Can You Tell If A Horse Has Lice?

Most lice in horses are large enough to be visible to the human eye, although they can be hard to spot. 

What Are The Best Horse Lice Treatment Products?

If you suspect your horse has lice, it is important to seek the advice of a veterinarian or licenced pharmacist with experience in animal parasite control.

So, as we have learned, the best horse lice treatment products are normally topical, which means they are applied directly to the skin. 


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