How Do Wild Horses Trim Their Hooves?

Horses are sensitive creatures requiring lots of hands-on care. However, the very nature of how we keep them is why horses require so much from us. For example, how do wild horses trim their hooves when our farriers come out every 6 weeks like clockwork?


The Hoof

horse hooves have no resemblance to a toenail. Hooves are actually thick coverings offering protection at the end of the leg and shock absorbency.

Selective Breeding

Someone may have a horse with persistent hoof problems or even conformation issues but easily controls this with corrective shoeing. Later down the road, this horse might be used for breeding.

Horses in Captivity

Horses by nature are not intended to be kept in stalls, turnouts, or even pastures. This goes against their very nature. When human interference results in horses in captivity, problems arise that would not ordinarily exist. 

How Do Wild Horses Trim Their Hooves?

Unlike other animals which will intentionally maintain or file down their nails, horse naturally take care of hoof growth. You will not see crazy outgrown hooves in nature!

Natural Hoof Care

Horses in nature are also free to move, meaning they will not be forced to stand in moist or wet environments. Pasture horses may be trapped in flooded pastures after rains, with no other turnout options.  

As horse owners, it’s hard to imagine a “low maintenance” horse of any kind! But realistically, most of our responsibilities as horse owners come from putting these animals in captivity. This is why regular farrier visits and enrichment is so important to the modern domesticated horse.


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