How Fast Do Thoroughbreds Run – Is It The Fastest?

Horses can reach incredible speeds at a full gallop, particularly racehorses, but how fast do Thoroughbreds run, is it the fastest breed in the world?


How Fast Do Thoroughbreds Run

The top speed ever recorded by a Thoroughbred is 43.496 mph. The Thoroughbred racehorse, Winning Brew, set this speed record in 2008 at the Penn National ...

Fastest Horse In The World

When asked what the fastest horse in the world is, it’s easy to the Thoroughbred. However, the distance the horse runs affect this answer. In fact, the fastest horse in ...

Why Can Horses Gallop So Fast

Horses have speed due to their evolution over many hundreds of years. As a herd animal, the horse is a prey animal. Because of this, the horse has developed a number ...

The Arabian Horse Speed

In addition to the Thoroughbred and the Quarter Horse, the Arabian is one of the fastest horses in the world. Despite its lightweight and fine features, the Arabian is a ...

All horses run faster than humans by a significant amount. Over a sprint distance, the Quarter Horse reaches top speed and beats the Thoroughbred.


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