How Long After Worming Horse Are Worms Expelled?

If you care for or own a horse, you will know that worm control is an essential part of horse maintenance.


Is It Normal To See Worms In Poop After Deworming?

Every horse will come into contact with parasites during their lifetime. This includes worms, and it is normal for horses to carry a small number of worms most of the time.

Are Live Worms In Stool After Deworming A Problem?

Redworms – small, thin worms Roundworms – large, stringy yellow-white worms Tapeworms – a long worm Pinworms – small white worms.

How Long After Worming Horse Are Worms Expelled For?

After you administer a dewormer to your horse, there will be a short period of time – from hours up to a couple of days – before it begins to take effect. 

How To Check For Worms After Deworming Your Horse

If the droppings are not collected straight away then other creatures may have eaten the worms, so you may not always see them.

How To Stop Your Horse Getting Worms

With horses, prevention is always better than cure! In the past, wormers would be given all year round, whether the horse had worms or not. 

So, as we’ve learned, some horses may expel worms for three to four days after worming. How long after worming horse are worms expelled for depends on how high the worm burden of the horse was before worming.  


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