How Long Are Mares In Heat?

Mares, like many other mammals, can completely change in temperament when going through their regular cycles.


How Often Do They Come?

Mares have a complicated cycle.  Unlike many other mammals, mares do not go into heat year-round.  Instead, mares become anoestrus, which means their cycle pretty much ...

How do You Know?

Every horse is different, and every mare is different.  Therefore, the signs that a mare is going into heat, or is already in heat vary from horse to horse.  Though, thankfully ...

Typically, a mare’s cycle lasts only three weeks or twenty-one days.

How Long Will They Be in Heat?

What You Can Do to Help

Heat Cycles are a natural part of a healthy mare’s life.  Many horse owners choose to simply work around their mare’s cycles and choose to let them run their course.

Regular Vet Checks

First and foremost, if your mare is showing extreme signs of aggression or irritability, make sure she gets looked over by the vet.  It can be easy to write a mare’s negative ...


Second is supplements.  There are many supplements that help regulate mare’s hormones.  Be sure to do your research on which one ...

Mares can be the best partner you’ve ever had if you know how to maintain them properly.  Knowing how to manage their cycles is a significant part of that maintenance.


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