How Long Do Horses Stay Pregnant? Signs & Stages Of Labor In Horses

One of the most adorable baby animals in the world is a foal. So, just how long do horses stay pregnant? 


How Long Do Horses Stay Pregnant?

On average, a horse will be pregnant for about 340 days or about 11 months. 

Signs Of Labor In Horses

A mare can display signs that she is about to give birth up to a few weeks prior to going into labor.

Stages Of Labor In Horses

Labor for horses can be divided into three stages. It is important to know the signs of the first stage to know that your horse is beginning to go into labor.

Stage One

In stage one of labor, a horse will likely paw, frequently get up and down, show signs of restlessness, swish her tail, shift her weight and sweat.

Stage Two – How Long Do Horses Stay Pregnant?

During this time, movement of the foal through the pelvic canal begins.

Stage Three

Stage three consists of the mare passing the fetal membranes, including the placenta. This should happen within three hours of the foal being born.

In horses, a mare will generally be pregnant for 11 months or 34o days. However, a normal pregnancy can last anywhere from 320-370 days as horses have a variable gestation period.


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