How Many Breeds Of Horses Are There?

Although there are dominant breeds in each region, there are actually over 350 different horse breeds in existence!


What Makes a Breed

Depending on the formal definition, a breed can be characterized by a homogeneous grouping of animals developed by humans, or via the Oxford Dictionary, “a line of descendants ...


Origins matter, especially when looking at bloodlines. Arabians and American Saddlebreds (ASB) are both horse breeds. However, the National Show Horse is a cross between the Arabian and the ...

How Many Breeds of Horses are There? Breed Divisions

Horse breeds can be subcategorized. Unlike dogs that are divided by “job” or “class”, horse breeds are more easily categorized by size. Some ...

Choosing the Right Breed

With so many breeds of horses, how do you begin to even pick a breed? Despite there being over 350 breed options, many are considered “critical” in endangerment rankings.

How many more horse breeds will there be? As human involvement and selective breeding continue, we will likely see the 350+ number reach the 400+ breeds.


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