How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding A Horse?

Many people wonder if horseback riding is exercise, and if so, how many calories do you burn riding a horse? The answers may surprise you!


Does Horseback Riding Burn Calories?

Riding involves a lot of core strength to balance your seat, and a substantial amount of leg muscle to clearly communicate with your horse.

Does Horse Back Riding Qualify as Exercise?

They found that riding activities provided a good level of cardiovascular exercise. Their study also determined that riding expended enough energy to be classified as a “moderate-intensity” exercise.

How Many Calories Can You Burn While Horseback Riding?

Just like different types of exercise may be more or less strenuous, the different disciplines of horseback riding can be more or less taxing on the body. 

Do Different Riding Disciplines Burn Different Calories?

Each horseback riding discipline uses different muscles, balancing, and movements. So it makes sense that each discipline has a different level of activity.

Other Ways You May Be Burning Calories Around the Barn

Horseback riding isn’t the only horse-related activity that can burn a lot of energy. Horse people aren’t strangers to hard work, and keeping up with chores around the barn is a workout in itself. 

Horseback Riding – A Very Active Sport

Not only does it have physical benefits, but The British Horse Society study mentioned earlier also comments on how horseback riding can help us emotionally.

Horseback riding is indeed a very healthy sport to consider taking up for your overall health.


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