How Much Banamine To Give A Horse

Banamine is one of those wonder drugs that horse veterinarians simply wouldn’t be without! When it comes to controlling pain, Banamine is very effective and can be given in various different ways. 


What Is Banamine?

Banamine is the trade name for a drug called flunixin. It is a potent drug which is used to treat pain, fever, and inflammation. 

What Is Banamine Used For?

Banamine is most commonly used to treat the painful symptoms of colic. Colic occurs when a horse has a gastrointestinal upset

How Is Banamine Administered To Horses?

- Intravenous Injection -  Intramuscular Injection  -  Oral Paste  -  Oral Powder 

How Much Banamine To Give A Horse?

When deciding how much Banamine to give a horse, it is vital to consult with a veterinary surgeon first. 

What Is The Banamine Dosage For Horses Orally?

In theory, it is possible to give the injectable form of Banamine as an oral medication. 

What Is The Banamine Paste Dosage For Horses?

A single Banamine paste syringe is calibrated in twelve weight increments of 250 pounds each. 

What Is The Banamine Paste Dosage For Horses With Colic?

The Banamine paste dosage for horses with colic must only every be calculated by a veterinarian. 

As we have learned, Banamine is a very effective painkiller that should only be prescribed by a veterinarian. When working out how much Banamine to give a horse.


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