How Much Does a Baby Horse Weigh?

How much do horses weigh? Horses are large animals, generally weighing anywhere from 800-2,000 pounds, depending on their breed. With being such a large animal, one may wonder: how much does a baby horse weigh?


How much do Horses Weigh? Weights of Foals

A horse’s gestation is eleven months and they are normally in labor for less than eight hours. A mare will generally give birth at night as well.

Normal Birth Weight of Foals

Most foals weigh about 100 pounds at birth, so a 1,000-pound mare will give birth to a 100-pound foal. The average weight of a horse is 1,1,000 pounds, so most foals are less than 200 pounds.

Calculating Your Foals Weight

If you have a scale available, that is the most accurate way to weigh your foal. The foal may be nervous to get on the scale, so it may not be easy to get a good reading.

For foals between 7-28 days, you can calculate your foal’s weight by measuring his heart girth. The formula is: Heartgirth (inches) – 25 = Weight (in pounds)/divided by 0.07

Quick Growers

Between birth and two years of age, horses are quick growers. During this time frame, they will put on up to three pounds a day. They will be gaining height, weight, and muscle.

A Big Appetite

Since foals grow so quickly, they require lots of nutritious food. For the first six to eight weeks of their life, foals will drink their mother’s milk. A mare will be producing an average of three gallons of milk a day.


A foal will be weaned from its mother at around five to six months of age. At this point, the average foal will weigh an average of 500-600 pounds. They will be eating approximately 2.5% of their body weight in grain and forage a day.

Staying Active

In order for a baby horse to be healthy, they need to be active. They should get daily exercise to maintain a good weight. However, it is important to not overwork a foal to the point of fatigue and shaking.

A Foal’s Weight

Knowing a foal’s weight allows one to keep track of its health, growth, and nutrition. If you know a foal’s weight, you’ll be able to provide it with a proper diet, medicine, and dewormer.

A foal at birth should weigh:

* 10% percent of their mom’s weight.

* A foal will likely be between 80-200 pounds.

Foals are born to be able to stand up within an hour of being born. They need to be able to run within hours of being born, as they are a risk of being prey amongst wild animals. They are born with long legs in order to be active as soon as possible.


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