How Much Does A Clydesdale Cost?

Typically the bigger something is, the more money it costs.  But, is this true of horses? As with everything in the horse world, the correct answer to this question is, of course, “it depends!” Clydesdale horses are no exception to this rule. How much does a Clydesdale cost?


History Of The Clydesdale

Today, the Clydesdale is one of the most recognizable draft horse breeds. Even people that do not know much about horses will know one when they see it.

Clydesdale Characteristics

How Much Does a Clydesdale Cost: Range of Horse Price

This huge range of prices can be caused by many different factors. Some of these include breeding, age, quality, size, markings, ...

How Much Does a Clydesdale Cost: Cost of an Average Horse

An average, sound, broke horse with few show miles will typically sell for a couple of grand.

Cost of an Average Draft Horse

So, do draft horses cost more than your typical saddle horses because of their size? Well, it depends.

Cost of an Average Clydesdale Horse

According to Clydesdale USA, Clydesdale horses cost between $2500 and $5,000, so, on the lower to mid-range of my estimated average horse cost. 

The Real Cost of a Clydesdale Horse

As any horse owner knows, the expense of having a horse isn’t buying a horse, it is keeping the horse.


Farrier services will typically cost more for a draft horse than they will for a standard-sized horse.

Tack/Harness Equipment

A different or larger saddle and bridle, or harness (for driving) is also an important consideration when looking to buy a draft horse.


Hopefully, you will only need a veterinarian visit for yearly vaccinations. This alone costs around $300 per set of vaccinations ...


Draft horses typically need to eat more than a standard-sized horse. 


Sometimes, Clydesdales will not fit in a standard-sized trailer.  

I hope this article helped inform you about the costs of Clydesdale horses! Costs and expenses in the horse world are always subjective, but it’s important to be able to have an estimate before pursuing any kind of purchase or lease!


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