How Much Does A Coggins Test Cost?

As a horse owner, you may be told that you need to get a Coggins test for your horse. But what is a Coggins test and how much does it cost?


What Is A Coggins Test For Horses?

A Coggins test can identify if a horse is carrying antibodies for this disease. Although there are other tests available for EIA, the Coggins test is the most popular and well-known.

What Is Equine Infectious Anemia?

EIA is a viral disease that can affect all equines – horses, ponies, donkeys, and zebras. The virus is carried in the blood and is normally transmitted through contaminated blood.

Why Do You Need A Coggins Test For Horses?

Luckily, the incidence of EIA in the U.S is relatively low. Not many horses test positive for this disease, which may make you wonder if you need to get your horse tested at all?

How Much Does A Coggins Test For Horses Cost?

The cost of a Coggins test itself is relatively inexpensive. Typical laboratory fees for a Coggins test for horses cost from $8.50, so this regular health check will not break the bank.

The cost of this test is under $10, but there will be additional veterinary fees to pay on top of this. It is a good idea to get your horse tested as you may need the certificate to travel with your horse to equestrian events.


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