How Much Does a Racehorse Weigh?

Racehorses are elite animals. Their speed, strength, power, and endurance make them top athletes. With being such an athletic being, reaching some of the fastest speeds in the animal kingdom, some might wonder: what is the average weight of a racehorse? 


Average Weight of a Racehorse

When most people think of racehorses, they think of Thoroughbreds. Thoroughbreds are raced all around the world and people spend top dollar breeding them...

Average Weight of a Racehorse: Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds are an English breed of horses that have been used for racing for hundreds of years...

Though one might not think of racing when they hear of Quarter horses, they are used as racehorses. Quarter horses are generally raced in quarter-mile races, though some races are longer. They can run a quarter-mile faster than any other breed of horse, hence the name Quarter horse.

Average Weight of a Racehorse: Quarter Horses

Average Weight of a Racehorse: Standardbreds

Standardbreds are well known for their harness racing. They are shown at either a trot or a pace. Standardbred harness racing is popular in North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.


Arabians originated thousands of years ago in the Middle East. They are a popular breed of horses and are known for their versatility inside and outside the show ring...

Other Horse Racing

Many other breeds doing racing as well. Most carry on the tradition to celebrate their breed of horse. Horse racing has been a popular practice for thousands of years.

Racehorses are light, athletic built horses. They are well-muscled and are known for their speed, power, and endurance. Most breeds of racehorses stand around 15-16 hands and typically weigh around 1,000 pounds, with Thoroughbreds being the most popular racing breed.


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