How Much Does It Cost To Geld A Horse?

So it’s time to castrate your colt… but how much does it cost to geld a horse? “Gelding” can be used as a verb to describe the act of castration in male horses. Castration is a surgical procedure performed by vets. 


How the Procedure to Geld A Horse

Castration is the process of taking a stallion to a gelding, hence the term “gelding” as a verb. Castration involved removing the testicles from a male horse. 


Horses that are up to date will receive tetanus boosters post-surgery. Most vets will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection and anti-inflammatories. 

There are many reasons someone may choose to castrate their horse. For most owners, breeding is not on the agenda and geldings are easier to maintain and train than stallions.

Cost of Gelding a Horse

Typically, castration procedures will run between $100 and $300. Castration costs a little more than other standard livestock procedures because of the use of . . .

Gelding a horse maybe a few hundred dollars, but it will lead to a more relaxed gelding for owners to enjoy. Foaling season is here- and for breed registries, the New Year marks a birthday for many horses! Be sure to share this article.


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