Average Weight of Different Horse Breeds

& Tools You Can Use 

How often do you check how much does your horse weigh? As often as you groom them?  Knowing how much the average horse weighs is an important part of horse ownership. 


Different Breeds

The average weight of a horse can span anywhere between 840 – 2200 lbs., depending on the breed. Given this wide range, it can be hard to know if a horse is around the correct weight. 


From new technology to ancient methods there are many ways to weigh a horse. Scales, weight tapes, and calculations are the most common methods in use today. 

Modern technology has made accurately weighing horses affordable and convenient. 


Tape & Calculations

Weight tape is a less accurate, but more easily transportable way to find out how much a horse weighs. Ranging $5 – $10, weight tapes measure in inches, centimeters, and hands. 

Knowing how much a horse weighs can inform you on many decisions that need to be made. Cargill’s veterinary nutrition website states that proper ...

Why is Knowing Weight Important?

All horses need food and medicine/vitamins and the only way to make sure they are getting the appropriate amounts of both is to know their weight.

Different types of horses weigh different amounts, so be sure to check out your horse breed’s average weight.


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