How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat Daily?

Hay is for horses! If you haven’t heard this phrase, you haven’t been around horses for very long! Horses around the world are known for eating hay as one of their primary, staple foods. But how much hay does a horse eat?


How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat, Lifestyle

So, how much hay should a horse eat daily? Well, as always, it depends. One of the factors that it depends on most is a horse’s lifestyle.  Every horse has a different schedule and a different routine.

How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat, Size of Horse

The amount of food a horse gets wholly depends on the horse’s size. This applies to the amounts of hay, grain, oats, or any other feed a horse has access to. The amount of food varies  ...


To give some average numbers, most horses at my barn have 8-hour turnout with access to grass and hay outside daily, are classified as performance horses, and get about three flakes of hay inside twice a day.

The amount of hay a horse needs to eat daily is completely subjective! This means that there is no all-inclusive answer to this question.  The amount of hay a horse should eat daily entirely depends on each horse’s size, condition, lifestyle, and more.


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