How Much Penicillin Can You Give a Horse?

Have you ever used Penicillin for an infection or on a cut? Did you know that you can also use Penicillin for your horse? As with all veterinary matters, always defer to your vet’s judgment, but it is safe to use Penicillin on horses, as long as it is done in the right ways and in the right amounts!


What is the Purpose of Penicillin?

Maybe you’ve heard the word Penicillin before; perhaps you have some sitting in your medicine cabinet at home.  But do you know what Penicillin does, or what it is?

Who is Penicillin for?

Penicillin is can be used for many animals and even people.  But there are different types of Penicillin for different types of organisms.  

There are also different types of Penicillin, administered in different ways, that are suitable for people, cats, dogs, and other animals. 

How Do You Give A Horse Penicillin?

The syringe should be injected in the muscular areas of the horse near his hips, hind end, upper legs, or neck.  A syringe should NOT be injected into a blood vessel or near a major nerve or nerve area.

How Much Penicillin Should You Give a Horse?

Horses can get 1.0 mL of Penicillin for every 100 pounds of body weight, once a day.  

Penicillin For Horse

Sometimes horses only need to be injected with Penicillin one time, sometimes they need to be injected with Penicillin every day for a week, and sometimes they need to be injected with Penicillin every day for a month- it all depends on each horse’s individual situation.

Penicillin has many uses for many different creatures, both human and animal! It is extremely effective in treating bacterial infections in horses, though one must be careful and seek out veterinary advice before using it on horses.


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